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All services from the same provider with turnkey systems !

Renovations & request for quotation

Whether it’s a kitchen or bath renovation, the sanding of a wood floor or a restoration project that requires special expertise, we have all the services that you need.

Of course, we also provide you with the plumbing, electrical and other specialist contractors in your area.

We offer all the necessary design services for your project together with our partner, Helsinki Interiors from Ullanlinna.  A respected interior design agency experienced and in repair construction, Helsinki Interiors, will help you choose the right materials for your property and make the kitchen and bathroom plans. They can even choose a few wall colors suitable for your space, from which you can make your own preferred choice. 


Anna Tiula +358505454707
Tehtaankatu 14, Helsinki

Regarding Schedules

We arrange our schedule according to your wishes as much as possible to fit your needs. We ask for and give flexibility, so that the arrangement will be suitable for both you and us.