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So you don’t have to worry

We are a family-owned construction company specializing in renovations. We are located in Ullanlinna, Helsinki. Since 1985, we have renovated and repaired various facilities.

Do you value Finnish workmanship and are interested in environmental issues but still want your original parts fixed? So do we. We recycle and sort the rubbish, use domestic and environmentally friendly water-based paints and coatings, transport our crew and materials with electric vehicles and strive to procure the needed materials and services from local brick-and-mortar shops. Primarily, we renovate entire apartments and repair old building structures.

Our neighbor’s grocery store provides us with a good breakfast, we eat lunch together at good local restaurants and as a smoke-free company, we do not bring cigarette smell to your property.

Let’s wave at each other when we meet!

Have a nice year 2023!

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